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The Dogman Makes an Appearance – at a Wedding?

It’s true. For the first time in the history of the song, I was invited to perform “The Legend” at a wedding reception on August 27th. The bride, Traci, and her matron of honor sister Beth have been fans of the dogman for many years. At Beth’s wedding a few months ago, Traci gave her a Legacy Edition CD/DVD set, T-shirts, and a poster as a gift. To do her sister one better, Beth contacted me a few months ago to arrange for the live performance for Traci and her new husband Blaine.
It was great fun, with a very enthusiastic wedding party and crowd. I was honored to be a part of it! Blessings on the newly minted couple for a long and joyous life together.


Overload! And other excuses for neglecting this blog.

It’s been months since the last update to the Michigan Dogman blog. Changes to the site have been minimal as well. There are no suitable excuses, but when you’ve heard what we’ve been up to, perhaps you’ll be able to forgive the neglect.

First: We are buried with work on the 25th Anniversary Edition. It will again be released as a 2-disk CD/DVD set. The CD will be a collectors edition, featuring digital re-masters of every single recording of “The Legend” since March of 1987. That’s at least 5 different versions at last count! There will also be three new “Haunting” stories, which cannot be heard anywhere else but on this disk.

The DVD will be entirely new. The music video is being redone from scratch, and goes in a completely new direction from prior offerings. The 20th Anniversary and Legacy edition music videos were rather like mini documentaries. The version for the 25th will be more like a dramatic story. It will include appearances by the original musicians who created the 2007 version of the song, and two parallel story lines.

There is also a new video called “Search for The Legend,” in which I will take you on a tour of all the places from each verse of the song. Yes, you finally get to see the Garland Swamp, the Widow’s house, Bowers Harbor, and many others! Plus, “Encounters II: The Evidence,” in which we examine film and photographic evidence of the dogman, collected from actual sightings.

Now, the HUGE news: At long last, there will be a full length feature film made about the dogman. My good friend Rich Brauer has written and will direct a taut, deeply scary (but not bloody/gory) story – with a twist at the end so brilliant, I wish I had thought of it. Shooting on “Dogman” (working title) begins in mid-September. The film will be shot in its entirety in Benzie and Manistee Counties, areas that are well known haunts for the real dogman.

The lead will be played by Larry Joe Campbell, a Michigan-born actor who is most familiar as Jim Belushi’s neighbor Andy from the TV series “According to Jim.” Larry will play Hanklin, a native up-north Michigan man who is suddenly thrust into a series of encounters with a beast he never believed existed.

Hanklin’s wife will be played by Mariann Mayberry. Mariann is a veteran Broadway stage actress, and has many films and TV appearances to her credit, including “War of the Worlds” in 2005. Several other key roles will be played by actors from Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theater.

Once shooting begins, I hope to be on the set for several days, and will provide updates here and at the Michigan Dogman Facebook page. So stop back often!

Release dates for the movie and the 25th Anniversary CD/DVD set are slated for spring of 2012.