The Last Word

Okay, one final statement, then it’s time to move on. Mike created the Gable Film and I embellished it to create a compelling, interesting story; which it certainly became. Neither of us ever said it was real, or that it was a dogman. The imaginations of people and the anarchy of the internet did the rest.

While I have previously hinted at the following, it’s probably valuable to give you the full story.

Monster Quest investigated nothing and exposed nothing. What you all watched on March 24th was essentially a soap opera constructed on top of a hoax. Long before the first camera rolled, they were informed (by me) that the Gable Film was fake. I showed them the obvious flaws in it before they took it to their film expert for analysis. Not shockingly, he found something suspicious right where I told them to look.

Sometime before the final edit of the show was complete, someone decided it was too dry to simply have me reveal the true source of The Gable Film. They decided it would be really cool to make you believe  they did an in-depth investigation, then sent a high profile werewolf expert in with the damning evidence to grill me until I cracked, like an episode of CSI. I know this is true because I did two sets of interviews with Monster Quest. In the first set, Linda Godfrey was not present. I revealed that the film was not real, explained how and why it became an internet phenomenon, then gave them Mike’s name and told them where he lived. A few weeks later, the crew returned with Linda, and the “confrontational” interview was shot, which is what you saw. Why would a respected TV show like Monster Quest fabricate something like that? Simple, controversy and conflict creates powerful television. That sells ads. Ads pay for production of future shows. And the cycle repeats.

The big ‘caught you’ moment between Linda and I was fully staged. She knew the film was fake weeks before she ‘confronted’ me on camera, because I called her and told her myself. We had to shoot the scene numerous times until the director was satisfied that it was dramatic enough. After the first take I knew the questions she was going to ask, so it was easy to answer eloquently. The crew laughed with delight when I said, “The film is not what it appears to be.” One of the camera operators called it the “Boom! Cut to commercial!” moment, which is exactly what it became.

The real pivotal moment was when the narrator said “Steve Cook has changed his story,” as if I had changed it while the show was being filmed. I publicly stated that the Gable Film was a hoax three years ago and hardly anyone would listen. I told Monster Quest the complete story several weeks before the first interview.

But that’s okay, because it’s the same process everyone in the entertainment business uses. It’s called stagecraft. Monster Quest led you through an unfolding sequence of events that never took place. They fictionalized the discovery of the hoax, and led you to believe something shocking and dramatic occurred, but it never did. Not unlike the way a creative backstory drove the Gable Film into worldwide prominence.

None of this is intended to impugn Linda Godfrey or the Monster Quest crew. Linda is an unshakeable rock of ethics and honesty. I’ve known her for nearly 20 years, and besides being a truly gifted writer, she is above reproach. Most likely she was not even aware she was participating in an outright fabrication of the facts. If she was aware, apparently the prize of exposing two hoaxers on national TV was sweet enough to make the end justify the means. Similarly, the Monster Quest director and crew are some of the most exacting and professional artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Everyone concerned with the production of this show came into it with a job to do, and everyone did their job well.

In addition, do not take my sharp comments in the previous post  as demeaning to witnesses or people who enjoy the study of cryptozoology as a hobby. Many of them have been fans of The Legend for decades. I’ve met scores of fine, upstanding, reasonable people who truly believe they saw something they cannot explain, and I have no reason to doubt them.  My point is that cryptozoology is not a science, it’s a novelty that taps into our unique human capacity for curiosity. As long as we keep it there, it can be intriguing, fun, and entertaining. As soon as it crosses the line into obsession, it becomes unhealthy and dangerous. If you think I’m kidding, I’ll let you read some of my hate mail.

And that will be my last word on The Gable Film. Whether you’re angry with me as a hoaxer or supportive of our charitable work, I thought it important that you knew the whole story before you pass final judgement on anyone concerned. The Cryptozoology gatekeepers are not tolerant of heretics walking among the faithful. That’s okay. I never joined that church, and until the dogman or bigfoot crosses my path, I’ll remain a contented agnostic.


6 Responses to “The Last Word”

  1. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, linda said:

    I totally admire you and your bravery to reveal the truth and people shouldn’t be mad that that wonderful piece of art is not real because it made you ask the what if and it filled most of our boring lives with something to talk about other than the economy or whatever new tragedy was on the news or online. I want to thank you and mike for bringing something intesting and aweinspering to the world and gave me many many hours of debate with my friends . Once again Thank You have a great day.

  2. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, Brian said:

    After remembering that I planned to check out the site, and reading your last two blog posts, I figured I should show a little support. Thanks for a few months of fun ( I was very late in discovering Gable)! I found the first film on youtube, and then some people proving it to be either a hoax or real footage (that one always seemed harder..). Then the second video popped up. I thought of it from time to time, and then found out MQ was doing a show on it!

    I totally agree with Linda: thanks for a welcome distraction from the mundane!

  3. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, David said:

    I’m a little bummed and embarrassed to find out that this whole film was hoaxed. I spent hours studying that film and was sure it was real! I do applaud Mike for making a very realistic creature from everyday things, it just proves that you don’t need millions of dollars to create something that captures the imaginations of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of bored people, Hollywood should take note. I’ll eventually get over this and I am glad to know that any money that this hoax helped generate goes to a very good cause. I guess I just have to grin and bare it and wait for the 25th anniversary of The Legend and buy that one as well!LOL Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, james said:

    the DOGMAN LIVE ! just out side of bellaire at a place called froghollow where this old poet used to live in a house made of glass bottles there is a tree and a plack this is the real home of the dog man the bellaire dogman i dont care if he made that film and its fake DOGMAN LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, Jonathan Ravencraft said:

    I’m looking for the the dude [Mike Agrusa] who did the fake “dogman” footage. I’m a MI filmmaker making an indie and would really like to touch base with him.

  6. 2:25 pm on March 26 2010, jassette said:

    the dog man real man get out here seriously thats awsome sweet wish i could see the dog man that would be the coolest thang in the world

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