Trailcam Photos from Arizona – What Is It?

These attached image showed up last month at a trailcam forum. The poster is from Arizona, and his motion-sensitive camera has captured  a number of deer and various other readily identifiable creatures.

Then this showed up…

The creature is standing on hind legs in the left center of the image.

The creature is standing on hind legs in the left center of the image.

The owner of the photo has granted permission to re-print it here. Here is a link to a page with the two images captured by the trailcam at full size.

Several replies came to the original post with various guesses, everything from a hunter wearing leopard tights, to a horse rearing up to munch berries, to a  juvenile bigfoot. The owner  tells me the camera did capture a bobcat a few nights later, but he was walking on all fours. I’m no wildlife expert, but do Bobcats ever stand on hind legs?

So I’m putting this out there to dogman fans – what do you think it is?


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  1. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Kevin Kirsch said:

    Well, I personally have no idea what this thing is, but if there were a better quality photograph I might be able to possibly identify it. You mentioned a second photograph? When will it be posted to view?

  2. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Steve said:

    Just posted the link in the blog. There are two images roughly 1100 by 850.

  3. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Kevin Kirsch said:

    Well, I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, but the second photograph makes me think it looks like more like a person in a suit than anything else, but what would a person in a dog costume be doing out in the middle of Arizona? Unless these photos were staged, then it might be a person in a suit. But if they are authentic, then I have no idea what this thing is. I am a believer in the Dogman, but I still scrutinize ever photo I see until I have an opinion to wether or not it is authentic of faux. To me, this looks like a person in a suit.

  4. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Jordanne Graves said:

    I’m not sure if anyone would agree but it actually looks like a big cat like a jaguar or leopard. You can kinda tell from the hind legs in the first image, the fur is really smooth and the curve leading to the foot is very wide and flat. It’s like a big cat scent marking a bush, hense why you don’t see the tail, nor do you see the front legs which or likely blocked out from the scenery or the animal itself. I am a huge believer in werewolves and especially the the Michigan Dogman. However I don’t think that it is a werewolf of any sort. As Kevin said, possibly a man in a jump suit or a big cat. There are in fact quite a few species of wild cats in Arizona. Here is a mountain lion – Bob cat – As well there are many species of canines in Arizona such as the Mexican Grey wolf, coyote, wild dogs. The other animals like the Big horned sheep and stand of its hind legs to reach high up leaves and branches. Arizona is also home to large black bears. If the picture was more clear I could tell for sure but there are in fact many animals that could match that animals description.

  5. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Glaybig said:

    I believe that the object in the picture is jerry lew patterson with a thong on backwards.

  6. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, chris said:

    Top picture look to me like a Bobcat spraying a bush to mark his territory. The marking and coloring look like a Bocat and their hind legs are higher than the front. Plus it looks totally different from the pictures from Michigan. We do have a few Jaguar in southern AZ, but there is no indication of where in Az this picture was taken. Seconds picture look to me like the Bobcat is leaving. Arizona does however have it’s own version of a Bigfoot like creature and you can go to to read about it and see cam pictures

  7. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Lee said:

    After enlarging the image to 400 % it appears to be a horse with a sattle, standing or rearing up possibly to reach folage or berries in the brush. My reason for stating this is that after enlarging, the tail can be seen shadowing the right back leg and the coloring where the sattle would be, contains bright colors such as bright orange and a lavender and yellowish red pattern which are not found in this pattern among the coats of natural animals.This could possibly be a blanket that is layed under the saddle before mounting the saddle. Also the white bootings that a horse has above its hoofs are visible. Since the horse appears riderless maybe it wandered into the cameras feild of veiw and began to feed, while the rider was taking a break(possibly a bathroom break) The link you posted also shows a second photo after enlarging this photo it appears the horse is length wise with it’s head to the left and tail to the right. In this photo the forefolage hides much of the animal, however a saddle and stirrup of the left foot can be seen.This is my humble opinion after enlarging both photo’s.

  8. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Lee said:

    In my previous post I hit the”T” button instead of the “D” button twice spelling saddle/sattle I’m very sorry for this error.

  9. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, shade said:

    it,s a boxer bulldog. im 100% sure. and no where does it show the damn thing standing up on 2 legs! (comon people!) but the gable film is undeniable!

  10. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Esther said:

    Ahem, um this kinda looks like two dogs getting romantic if you know what I mean!

  11. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Jeremy said:

    Hey I just saved the large version of the photo, enlarged it and looked close, it seems to be a dog with its rear facing the camera.

    The second photo to me looks like it running away.

    I used a paint program to show the body, I can send the photos to people interested.

    My email address is–

  12. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Cannon said:

    First picture is a dog. Chocolate lab, probably, could also be a boxer. Second photo is dog peeing/pooping and the tail is the dark object hanging down. It looks nothing like a cougar and is much too dark for any bobcat I’ve seen. Look on Google ans see if you can find a reddish-brown bobcat. In the second photo, you can obviously see it isn’t a person, as the head is less than a couple feet off the ground. You can even see the floppy ear of the dog. A horse is out of the question, as it’s maybe a couple feet high while standing in the first picture. I believe some of you are failing the Rorschach test.

  13. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Sarah said:

    Who called this a horse? The front legs are obviously not bending the way a horses would, and they cannot keep balance as long rearing especially, I ride horses, and if you zoom in enough the “feet” are paws, not hooves, and there would be an obvious bend where the pasterns would be, and the back legs are easy to see that they don’t look like a horse and their paws there to be seen too. The hunter is what I thought at first until I zoomed in to see this, to my brother and I, it looked like something out of a horror movie, I can’t say what this is.

  14. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Sarah said:

    And another side note! The man who created the “Gable film” stepped out and proved it was a fake! His son was the one behind the camera, he was wearing a Gilly suite? The ones snipers wear. I find it amazing how he moved inhumanly fast, but he showed on another video, he just ran sideways, but with better quality, you can obviously see it is a Gilly suit, I found it unbelievable too, he made a “Gable film 2” where a man was brutally murdered, and torn into two pieces, with the lower half of his body missing. He showed how he did that, he simly dug a hole, the man lowered himself into it, and they put on a fake, styrofoam back where it made it look like Insides where spilled and ripped open. It looked very real, but he proved both wrong, If you guy would like to look up both videos, be my guest. I found it interesting. And how could this be a Bulldog? I know they stand, but zoomed in, this thing is obviously standing on its hinds.

  15. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Michael said:

    Looks like the original images have been pulled from the internet and thus this image is the only one left for public view. I sure would like to have seen the second image in order to try and compare it with my dogman research but since this image is the only I have I can’t do much. If anyone has the other image saved to their hard drive please contact me at

  16. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Jude said:

    Whatever it is it is CLEARLY standing on four legs, facing away from the camera. The forelegs are more difficult to see but not remotely invisible. You can even see the contour of the back running almost parallel to the ground. I can’t imagine how a serious observercould mistake it for a bipedal animal.

  17. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, John said:

    That is the rear end of an Antelope, the head is obscured by the tree.

  18. 7:26 pm on July 15 2009, Patrick said:

    The thing that is brown is a dear The dogman is standing in the clump of dead trees. What the hell is wrong with you people???

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